5 Creative ideas to Change your Scarf (Photo/ Video Tutorial )

5 Creative ideas to Change your Scarf ( Photo + Video Tutorial )


Some people thought that scarf looks perfect in the fall, it is a very effective tool to change your looks in summers too. Summer comes up with many accessories and people don’t want to carry much stuff around their neck. All the five steps are very simple and easy. Have a look!



I recommend you to use a medium scarf or stoles.

Idea 1# Single side knot

This is an easy way to wrap a scarf around your neck.

Step: 1

Hang a scarf around your neck. (Here, don’t make a crease and fold the scarf)

Step: 2

Make sure that both sides of the scarf are equal in length.

Step: 3

Tie a small knot like a ball on the both ends.


Idea 1# Infinity side knot

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This style is change and perfect for outing with friends and colleagues.

Step: 1

Drape a scarf around your neck. (Don’t make a crease of the scarf)

Step: 2

Tie a knot in the middle of a scarf. Make sure your two ends are together.

Step: 3

Pull the knotted part upward and set it neatly.

You can also make a little bow on one side of your scarf. (Optional)


Idea 3# Twisted classic knot

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Simple and unique style and works best with blazer and jackets.

Step: 1

Drape your scarf around your neck.

Step: 2

Join the two ends together and tie a knot at about half.

Step: 3

Make sure to pull up the knotted side up and fixed it in the middle of the shirt.


Idea 4# Twisted tie

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This is an additional version of the classic knot.

Step: 1

Fold the scarf in half.

Step: 2

Wrap a scarf around your neck.

Step: 3

Join the two ends together and tie a knot at about half.

Step: 4

Twist the scarf and make a loop.

Tie a knot and pass another end through the loop.

Step: 5

Move your scarf upward and create a loop.


Idea 5# Kimono shawl.

This style is very beautiful and keep you warm and covered up, and perfect for casual and comfortable to going out.

Step: 1

Take the two corners of your scarf and tie them together.

Step: 2

Look you have a hole in your arms.

Repeat the same step to the other side.

Step: 3

Pull your arm into that hole.

Make sure to create the clean edges.



  • Make sure to tie and make a style according to the length and width of your scarf.
  •  you can also use some scarf pins  to secure it.
  • Select and choose different styles of scarfs.

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