How to Grow Your Hair in A Week - Home Remedies

How to Grow Your Hair in A Week – Home Remedies

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It is sometimes desirable, the hair growth to help a little on the jumps. Because the magic pill has not yet been invented, you should observe few tips and tricks to know that How to Grow Your Hair in A Week healthy and faster.


Hair growth is among others also hereditary. But it also depends on hormones, diet and your lifestyle. These factors of course you can manipulate so that your hair growth is optimised.

Many women dream of long, thick hair. Also off there are various products commercially, these often contain harmful substances and are also usually very expensive.  But there are inexpensive natural preparations without any chemistry, which also gives excellent results.


Below you will find several tips through which you can grow your hair almost in a week and to shine with healthy, strong hair.

Aloe Vera:

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  • This plant is mainly known for its skin care properties, but it is also ideal for the hair.
  • Aloe Vera helps to strong, shiny hair and also promotes hair growth.
  • For this you can cut and remove the gel, cut into pieces and soak overnight in water an aloe leaf.
  • The next day, this water is used to wash the hair.
  • If you use this method several times a week to wash your hair, you’ll soon see good results.

Potato Water:

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  • The potato is known for its great nutritional value, the hair can benefit from it.
  • Easy potato skins cook in water and allow the cooking water to cool it.
  • The hair washes as usual and uses the potato water for the final rinse.
  • If you use this home remedy two to three times a week, good results will soon show.

Egg White:

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  • Although many think that this product is not effective, you should not be forgotten that the egg is an excellent source of protein and also contains numerous vitamins that are beneficial for the hair.
  • With this simple mask and the hair growth can be promoted.
  • Beat egg white and then apply a mask to the hair.
  • Wash your hair normally after about 30 minutes.
  • Use this beauty product two times a week is recommended to achieve good results.
  • Just try yourself!

Olive Oil:

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  • Drought is one of the most common hair problems, this is often Dutch chemical products, pollution and heat treatments (hair dryer and straightness) caused.
  • If you want healthy, supple hair, we recommend apply olive oil once a week generously to the hair and wrap with a towel cover.
  • The oil should best act overnight.
  • This means hydrate the hair while ensuring healthy growth.



  • Onion are very well known for their health benefits.
  • Also for the hair they are excellent, because they, among other things promote blood circulation of the scalp.
  • There are two ways onion can apply: Either stirred for a massage of the scalp with honey and use 3 – 4 times a week.
  • In this example, the hair is strengthened and grows faster.

Additional Tips:

In addition to these excellent natural resources that help to stimulate hair growth, the following advice should be followed:

  • Brush you’re the hair twice a day, in order to promote blood circulation of the scalp and consequently hair growth.
  • Renounce all hair products with silicone, although these provide the first silk for beautiful hair, but in the long term, they dry out the hair and clog the hair follicles, so hair growth is disrupted.
  • The hair brush until they are still moist, as they are more sensitive in this state, and could be damaged.
  • Consume biotin-containing foods (e.g eggs, soy or grains).