6 Secrets How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Instantly


You feel you’re the luckiest woman in the world: At last the nine months waiting period is over and you hold your baby in your arms. But there is a little thing that tarnishes your perfect happiness.

On your belly, your legs, and perhaps also your breasts the ugly bright lines that are called stretch marks that remain in many women as permanent reminders of the pregnancy.


But the disturbing memory should not be with you forever, because there are some secret tips from our ancestors that will help you avoid or get rid of stretch marks instantly.

During pregnancy, your body expands, especially from the belly. The ball can get a range of up to 130 cm in just nine months. This is quite a challenge for your skin, because they have to stretch very far in a short time.

Getting the disturbing strip away again is not easy, but you can still do that by using these remedies.


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Healthy eating! A healthy diet during pregnancy with whole grains, fruits and vegetables as well as fish and milk is not only good for you and your baby, but also can prevent stretch marks.

It supports the resilience of your connective tissue and ensures that your skin radiates. Vitamin C, proteins and amino acids also help to regenerate and strengthen damaged tissue.

Here is a nutrition chart that will help you  taking balanced amount of diet.

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Much Drinking:

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Liquid keeps your skin and connective tissue supple and can thus counteract stretch marks. Best is to drink two to three litres water a day and to forego caffeine and sugary drinks.

Caffeine deprives your body of water and sugar causes the skin prematurely. Dried tissue is generally not as resistant as tissue that is adequately hydrated and therefore more prone to injury, such as the typical during pregnancy stretch marks.

Here i am sharing a chart that will help you intake the right amount of water according to your weight.

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Of course, your connective tissue is very heavily used in pregnancy. Therefore a regular massage does well. Rub the skin on your stomach, your breasts, your buttocks and your thighs while you shower in a circular motion with a brush made of natural bristles or a loofah glove.

This promotes blood circulation, strengthens the connective tissue cells and thus helps prevent stretch marks.

Some best tips for body massage that can help you do massage in a right and effective way:

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Meanwhile, there are creams and scrubs for moistening purpose. A body lotion is something that everyone has at home in the bathroom shelf.

In fact, even the regular supply of moisture helps to prevent streaks and cracks. If you use care products for the prevention of stretch marks, it is best be applied after showering.

Special Remedy For Stretch Marks:

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Oil that you can make at home for stretch mark:

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In pharmacies and drugstores you can buy special oils and lotions that are specially tuned to counteract stretch marks. They are intended to offset the fluid balance and blood circulation of your skin and your connective tissue.

Although, such things are often quite expensive, but they can do wonders when it comes to stretch marks. Before buying you should take advice from professionals, which product is best suited for you?

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Cold Showers:

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A Scottish shower, when you running alternately hot and cold on your skin, the water are a good way to say bye-bye to any stretch marks.

The frequent changes in temperature stimulate blood circulation, so refresh your skin and support the formation of new cells in the connective tissue, as a result which also reduced stretch marks.

Here are some benefits of cold shower other than just removing your stretch marks. So while you are talking cold shower you will always getting these benefits too.

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Many women have to deal with stretch marks. With a few little tricks you can cracks in the skin, however, prevent and reduce your risk to theses unsightly lines is important, because if they are once there, they are unfortunately difficult to get rid again.

The important advice is to keep your skin and your connective tissue by drinking plenty of water and be fit, beautiful and supple.


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