How to make a Mermaid Braid few very easy steps.

How to Make a Mermaid Braid Hairstyle with easy steps (Photo + Video Tutorial)


A Mermaid Braid works just the same as a Lace Braid, but you are adding strands in on both sides of the braid, instead of just one. You can think of it as a tremendously fine stranded, but loose French Braid. This style for anyone being very active throughout the day, such as dance and cocktail party.



Items Needed:

You’ll need a Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 small hair elastic, Hairspray, and accessory (if desired).


You will need to take all of your hair and brush everything.

Hair straightener.

You might use a hair straightener if you have a strong curly, or wavy hair.


Separate a thick section of your hair at the backside of your head.


Subdivide collected hair into three parts.



Take another small part from the other side and cross it toward the center.

Creating an X in the middle.

And repeat the process. Keep interchanging sides till you reach the end of the braid.

A small section of hair.

Create a small line in front of the braid, and cross the visible section over the center and continue add a small section.


Do the same steps 8-9 times and If, you have no hair to take so, you can continue picking small sections.

Use a hair tie or elastic.

Here, you can also add some cute ribbon as well.

Hope you people enjoy.
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And, if you have short hair, just finished it as you want.


  • You can carry the mermaid standing all the way down the braid.
  • Treat your hair like a fashion accessory.
  • .Use a hair spray to secure the stubborn baby hair.
  •  Use a mirror while you are making the mermaid braid.
  • Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes.

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