Refashion Your Flip Flop and Sandals Ideas that You Can Diy - Fashion Craze

Refashion Your Flip Flop and Sandals Ideas that You Can Diy

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Turn an ordinary pair of flip flops into a comfortable and unique pair of gladiator flip flops using a yarn. This is a super amazing way to give a new style to an old pair of shoe.


These cozy gladiator sandals turn out from an old pair of a flip-flop. This tutorial shows you, how to make a Gladiator Sandals.



You’ll need an old pair of the flip-flop, scissors, and a scarf.


Grab a scarf and cut it in half. So, that it is equal in length on both sides. Take a piece in the middle and equal.


Make a bow like a loop and slide it under the toe part of the flip-flop.

Make sure the edges are completely sliding around it.


Grasp the both sides and separate them.

Start wrapping along the strip of the flip-flop.

Keep covering about 3-4 times and pass it out, thus it fully covers’s it.


Do the same on the opposite side of the flip-flop.

Criss cross:

Criss cross the both sides of the fabric underneath your anklebone.


Criss cross behind the heel, and then wrap it around the ankle.

Done !

It looks superb.


This project is super easy and adaptable.

Here are some more colourful examples and idea for making more creative styles.



  • Try to wear simple and stylish slippers.
  • Too much flowery fabric makes yours look un-stylish.
  • You can wear the gladiator in the summer with bare legs.

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