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How to Whiten your Teeth with Home Remedies

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The mouth and the teeth are always the focus. Talking, laughing, eating – the teeth always fall into the points for personality. Thus, the teeth can be very pleasant to notice – or not, if they are yellow discolored and unattractive. Conversely, white teeth are considered to be very attractive, and the person who has the beautiful teeth automatically assigns other positive properties which are not associated with the teeth at all.




Beautiful white teeth make a person appear younger and even healthier. So why not feel comfortable and convince with white teeth? To get whiter teeth is not magic, but can be implemented with a few simple household remedies.

1# Simple Salt for Cleaning the Teeth


Bleaching of the teeth with simple cooking salt is particularly inexpensive and simple, which is present in every household. If you brush your teeth once a week with toothpaste, you can peel your teeth. To do this, the toothbrush is moistened and sprinkled with salt. Low cost and easy procurement of natural bleach are the benefits of this treatment.

It is important, however, that the teeth are not too intensely scrubbed with the salt and that a soft toothbrush is also used for the cleaning with cooking salt. In addition, after the enjoyment of acidic foods, salt should be applied for at least 10 minutes until teeth are cleaned.

2# Soda Cleansing Agent


Every two weeks brightening of the teeth may also be treated with soda. The soda should be placed on the toothbrush and moistened with water. It is also important in this method to work on tooth-protecting. Scrub a little, use a soft toothbrush. You should not use the soda more often than every two weeks.

3# Strawberries Best Solution Against Yellow Teeth


Even if it sounds rather absurd – Strawberries are not just a very delicious fruit but are also a great help to get white teeth. To clean the teeth, you simply have to crush a strawberry and apply the fruit to the teeth. Why the strawberry has the lightening effect is not known. But this delicious fruit also has a positive effect on teeth.

4# Lemon Juice – The Perfect Bleach


Lemon juice has a bleaching effect not only on stains in clothing. Also, the teeth can be lightened with lemon juice. For this purpose, a lemon is squeezed out and dips the toothbrush in the juice for about three minutes. Admittedly, it is not pleasant. But if it works, it is worth the overcoming. After brushing with lemon juice, rinse the mouth with clear water.

Very important: Care your teeth for the next 30 minutes do not eat food and drinks.

5# Extra White Teeth With Cooking Oil


Sounds strange – but it is really useful for whitening: normal plant oil derived from the budget. Both olive oil and sunflower oil can equally be used for this natural tooth whitening. Olive oil is quite strict in the taste, sunflower oil since already much milder. The application is quite simple. One takes a sip of oil and brushes the teeth thoroughly for three to five minutes. The oil can then be spat out and rinsed with water. Why the oil works in the fight against yellow teeth are explained by the fact that the oil is supposed to bind harmful substances in the oral cavity. In this case, this also acts against unpleasant mouth odor.