3 Beauty Tips with a Spoon.




Now a day women are becoming very busy and tired. She wants to look good and smart, but it’s very difficult to maintain and groom up  their beauty in saloons in such a busy life. We all know that people use a spoon to eat, but spoons can help  to enhance your beauty too, here are a few different ways to use a spoon in your beauty.


All you need is a pair of spoons.

Frozen spoon.

Put two spoons in your freezer and leave it on overnight.

When you wake up stick them out and lay over your eyes.

The frozen spoon helps to tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of dark puffy eyes.

Spoon curler.

Curling your lashes

Hold a spoon against your eyelid. The spoon will help to turn your lashes.

Take the edge of your spoon and lined it up with your lashes and  thumb gently, press your lashes against the edges of a spoon and you see a crimped effect.

Now, you can apply mascara and enjoy your pretty lashes.

Hot and mighty spoon.


Make your own lip color using just a spoon and heat.

Take some petroleum jelly and add a little bit of eye shadow on a spoon.

Melt your ingredients by using a lighter.

Once, the petroleum jelly has liquefied, pour it in a contact lance case.

Combine the two lipstick color together.

Cut out a few of your favorite lipstick colors.

Melt your ingredients by using a lighter and mix everything with a toothpick. Pour it in a contact lances case and let it cool down and dry.

Make your new lip shade and name them 😀


Flip your spoons over your face skin, and press them softly.

When you massage your face with a spoon this will help you to spread out any water retention in your face.

Now, your face looks fresh and ready to go out!


  • You can also pour your liquefied lip color in any small container.
  • You can add more color and petroleum jelly, the more you add, the more share the lip color.

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