3 Easy Ways to Change Your Look : How to


Everyone has to change their looks and the brows play an important role in your face the brows are the basic part of your face. Change your entire look by changing the brows.


I am going to show you how to create different looks by just changing up your brows. And where your hair is parted.  Change up your brows can change your attitude.An old saying that your brows should look like sisters, not twins.



Pick up an angled brush and load it up with a brow powder and applying at the bottom of your brows.



Now, just straighten out the rest of your brows and fill it in to make a thicker look.

Now, check the edge of your eyes.

Repeat the same step to the other brow:

It makes you look younger.




It is a simple, pure and innocent look.

Make a part in the centre of your head.

This hairstyle makes your face balanced.



This look is completely different, simple and sexy.

Arch up your brows by taking a brow pencil that has wax base.


Create an upwards angle, your brow arch should line up to the edge of your iris.

This will help to balance your eyes.

Cat-like look:


Notice that the arched brows lifted up your face, it gives your eye a cat-like look.



Line up the part in your hair with your arch.

This look is sexy and foxy like Angelina.

If you want to look mature and smart this look is for you.

Natalie Portman:


These brows are straight with a very slight arch.

If you want to look intelligent, decent this look is for you.



Fix your hair behind your ears for the classic and sophisticated look.

I hope you like all the different styles.


  • Never leave the house without your brows.
  • Treat your brows like a fashion accessory.
  • Keep in mind that your brows shouldn’t look identical.

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