3 Amazing Sandals 2016 for Bold and Busy Womens


In spring, women like to wear amazing and fabulous dresses contrast with her shoes, there are a number of varieties  in flat heels and fancy sandals with very cool and comfortable spring shoe collection for women. When the weather signals that it’s time to bare a little more skin, wear sandals to highlight your feet. Use these fashion tips and make sure your legs are looking their finest. Let’s emphasize your legs with a trendy style.


Stand tall I easy-to-walk-in wedges.


This style is huge and a massive Smarties, it looks like the wedge, this time the trend has changed from typical cork soles into fresher duplication.  These shoes are very comfortable in compare  to stilettos and other high heels. Designers are carrying a simple and angular form to the shoe and the camel color is quite decent and soft. Spring is the most wonderful time of the year, let’s enjoy it!!


Stay strapped in edgy gladiator styles.

These shoes are really lightweight lace-up for long days on your feet. Gladiator is the most initial sandals and perfects for spring, as the shoe trends change very fast and rapidly. Some people think that these sandals are not easy to  wear. Keep in an eye that these sandals come with a zipper along the back, so be relaxed and enjoy the season.

Be on-trend in streamlined, sporty sandals with thick soles.

Spring is a time to take your toes out.  This is the perfect pair of sandals to display your feet. The elegant and clear color sandals perfect with really soft sole and these shoe looks   very stylish  with clothing items.


  • There is a range of products in the market, Buy the brands that are good in quality.
  • Gladiator sandals are known for their scrappy look. Wear them with a print spring dress or short shorts.
  • Select the right pair of shoes.
  • Make sure you wash and clean your leg hair.

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