3 Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat Overnight : How to


Try something different with your hair. You have a straight and soft hair, and you don’t want to damage it by applying heat curling iron.


I’m going to share you the  steps that curl your hair naturally and didn’t require any damage or heat gives a wavy or curly hair. It is very easy and simple but takes much time. Just follow a few steps and create beautiful and soft curls.



Supplies Needed:

You’ll need a Bobby pins, large or small clips, Hairspray, scarf, napkins or paper towel, and the pens. (optional)

Wash your Hair by using Shampoo and Conditioner:

Apply some moisturiser and use a blue dryer on your hair as mentioned above.

Big Tail:

Comb your hair.

Separate your hair in half and then into two sections. Keep adding more hair from your head and twist.

Keep twisting and add more hair until your hair is completely twisted and make a big tail.


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After that, pin it on your head by using a cotton pad and booby pins.

Take a rest about 24 hours.

Done !

You have a soft wavy hair.


Napkins or Paper Towel:

Make a few strips of paper towel.


Separate your hair in half and. Take the end of your hair and wrap the paper towel around your hair.

Roll your hair upwards and tightly pick up the two ends of the paper towel and tie a knot. Do the same and wrap all the hair and secure it by using a Bobby pins.

Done !

Take a deep sleep. (Keep your hair in for 5-10 hours)

This is a bunch of little curls.


Make a high ponytail on the top of your head. Split your hair into two sections and twist it till the end and fold and secure it backwards.

Done !

Take a deep sleep. (Keep your hair in for 5-10 hours)

Enjoy your curly hair.


  • Find products that work the best for you.
  •  Make sure your hair should be wet.
  • Wet your hair again, if your hair starts drying.
  • You can also cover your head with a wig cap.
  • You can use a shiny spray to give a fresh look.
  • You might use a curler for touch. (If you have a strong, straight hair)

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