6 Tips How to Walk Elegant and Confidently in High Heels 2016


I am going to show you  some great tips on how to walk in a high-heel wedge. The high-heel wedge is often preferred by women who prefer a thicker heel and a more stable base. Remember that your foot placement should always be the same, where you strike on the heel first, and then rolling through the ball of the foot.


Thinner stiletto heel.
6 Tips How to Walk Elegant and Confidently in High Heels
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If you’re used to wearing the thinner stiletto heel, the wedge is going to feel a little bit different, and you may feel less stable. You can walk around the road, getting used to the new shape of the shoe. Always put on foot in front of the other. Try to walk like a heel to toe does not toe to heel.

Walk softly.

Practice walking on a hardwood floor. Some shoes are heavy and make a loud noise. If you still feel unstable in the wedge, perform some ankle-strengthening exercises and balance training, so that you feel more stable in the wedge. This heel is about 2-3 inches.


Painful walk.

For a wedge heel that have an ankle strap, some women will complain that their foot don’t slide out of the shoe. I recommend gripping the shoe with the front of the toes, as this will increase your stability with each step you take. The smaller you steps the more control,  make sure to avoid using large steps.


While walking coming down the stairs, it’s all about keeping a steady pace and placement on each step. The problem arises with cobblestone streets this way you are safe no matter what type of environment you have. Same practice walking on the hardwood floor and  Some shoes are heavy.

Confident walk.

Use the heel to toe walk while placing one foot in front of the other. Support to create the vision of bend hips which look sexy and confident. Don’t be confuse to have fun with it, add some pleasure sound to your step your favorite song will help you get in the mood while you are practicing.

Thicker heels.

You can walk easily and fearless. thick heels are very comfortable while   you walk outside like, park, shopping center, the thicker the heel the more you balance.


  • Use many heels as you can.
  • Find the most comfortable pair.
  • Avoid wearing heels on office and educational centers.

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