About Us
I am a house wife. I have decided to start a blog about fashion, beauty and all other those stuff which can help other house wives like me to make their life bit easy. In this blog i am not only going to share about latest clothing trends and collection of designers around the world but I will try to make it easy for you to decide what to wear in family functions and other events.

I am dividing my blog in seven categories to make it easy for the visitors of this websites to search content regarding to specific topics. These seven categories includes:

Clothing, including latest clothing ideas and designers collection from West and East.

Hairstyles which will be include free tutorial and pictures to get motivation to try new hair styles.

DIY & Crafts is my favorite section, where you will learn about many crazy and interesting stuff and you can try them at home.

How to will cover all the question of our visitors and common questions people asked regarding to fashion makeup and hairstyles.

Tattoo design section will not just give you idea of what type of tattoo you should get put we will also list pictures of new tattoo designs

Babies and Kids section is specially designed for mother which will help them to groom their kids in much better fashion sense.

Wedding section is full with latest wedding trends, what to wear and what not to wear including wedding jewelry and other wedding event advice’s.

These are some basic categorizes of my blog but you will found other relevant stuff too like make-up tips and beauty tutorials.

To keep this blog active, make sure you are sharing your opinions and sharing this blog your friends.