How to Apply a Hair Extension Look Natural at Home


You can apply for a hair extensions in just 10 minutes perfectly. It looks natural and real without any help of professional, always start from bottom to head and make a section.


I am going to show you the top 5 tips that how to use an extension.


Tip#1 : Blending
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Blend your hair with extension perfectly, straighten your own hair and extension, then clip on your extensions. If you want to make curl, keep your hair under the iron sheets and curl about 10-15 minute each layer of hair. So, you can curl, wavy and straighten your hair easily. You see that your extensions are very nicely blended in.

Tip#2 : Long lasting hold

Start backcombing your hair will give your extension more natural look. Use a backcombing brush and gently teases your hair, apply a hair pins to secure it before clipping your extensions in. It keeps your extensions in place and give a thick, voluminous hair. For an excellent result, you can also use a sugar dust before backcombing your hair.


Tip#3 : Angles
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This is all about angles if, you have a problem to make your hair extension look natural around the front of your face. So, clipping your extensions and make angles. Make sure to attach the middle clip first.
See the image for guidance.

Tip#4 : The twist
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If your hair has a short and annoying piece of layers around your neck, then twist and roll your short or annoying layer and secure it with Bobby pins. Make a horizontal line above your back neck and attach the extensions.

Tip#5 : Close clipping

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This tip gives your extension more natural look if you have short hair around your face then clip on your extensions closely and neatly. Make sections across your hair scalp.


  • Make sure to buy the extension according to your real hair color and texture.
  • Never buy the wrong set of hair length.
  • Always make a section and divide your hair, depending upon the length and thickness of your hair.

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