How to Apply Party Makeup at Home follow these 10 Steps (Photo + Video Tutorial)


Sometimes apply a makeup on your face is not very easy for unskilled and unprofessional women, now it’s simple and cool with this step by step makeup tutorial. You can add more steps in it according to your skin type but make sure to clean up your face before starting a makeup on your face and moisturize your skin.



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Use a soft brown eyeshadow on your eyelid, ensure that the color of the dress matches in the eyeshadows. You can also wear a contact lenses. Like: hazel brown, cool gray or green.


Make a crease and use a built brush, trace a guideline on your crease area and blend the shades perfectly with the blending brush. Color like golden brown, black, dark colors makes your eyes catchier.


Make a lower lashes and use the same color that used in the crease area, apply a black eyeliner on the lower lash line and blend it out with the clean brush.


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For water line, you can use a dark brown pencil. Be careful, while your eye pencil has a pointed and sharp tip.



Lay a lash on your eyes, inner and outer corners of your eyes. Apply a thin layer of eyeliner. Make sure not make a thick line, just cover the lash glue.


Apply mascara on the both upper and lower lashes. Make sure your brows are proper in shape and not over plunged.

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Start contouring on your cheekbones by using a small angular brush. Keep in the eye that the shape of your cheeks, apply the blush in a way like: if your face is thin, then you should apply a blush in a circular motion. So, it looks a bit thick and healthy cheek.

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Use a highlighter on your face part. Make your nose and cheek bone prominent and blend the highlighter with your skin upward and downward. It makes your face feature prominent, attractive and shiny.


Use a dark and noticeable lips color, make a line on your lips very smartly, you can use any nice burgundy color. You can also use a nude lip color looks amazing with Smokey dark eyes. Strong lips color goes with soft dress color and sharp dress color goes with nude lip color.


Use a concealer for clean up the lip area and make it neat. You can also use a concealer under the eye and below the nostril area.


  • Apply a foundation on your face, neck and ears too.
  • Never use an unmatched skin tone foundation.
  • Make sure to clean up any mistake and mess.

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