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Beautiful Bridal Hair Accessories For Wedding 2020 UK


The wedding day is a special day for every girl, you can add a new charm in your hair in this day and make your appearance unique and stylish. Some styles are new and few of them are traditional. Your accessories will guide to the look or the feel of the wedding. Keep your eyes open while you’re selecting your accessories.


Bridal Hair Accessories For Wedding 2016


Antique brooch #1
Bridal Hair Accessories For Wedding 2016

Beautiful brooch looks amazing on hair, but you have to aware about how to apply and where to apply, and especially antique brooch that was in your family, you can easily turn it into a stylish hair piece. we see on the red carpet are actually vintage brooches.

Antique brooch style #2

Bridal Hair Accessories For Wedding 2016

You can use a brooch in many ways such as half up or half down, or one side pulled up. ponytail and hair bun. You can use and apply a brooch to emphasize nearly every hairstyle.

Antique brooch style #3


There are many ways of hairstyle, as shown above, the swiss roll, add a fun element of your hair and decorate your hair with a brooch. As you see the different styles of a brooch you can easily attach and enjoy the beautiful hair style.

wedding accessories

Headband available in many varieties some of them are traditional styles and you can apply it on your hair diagonally, half up or half down, curl or on a simple straight hair.



There are also some ribbon based option. (As shown above)

Wrap a ribbon on your head like a headband or you can also tie it around your neck too. if you want to adopt some traditional style, so it is an excellent idea to do that would be with a headband.



Flower is a very classy and classic style.  I would definitely recommend  attaching an accessory like a flower, whether a silk  gives you a flowering and sleeker appearance.




Every bride wears a veil, there is a dozen of choice to carries it. This is a  fabulous accessory and places it on the top of your hair style or underneath. You can put in any place within your hair

These are some amazing ideas if you are looking for hair accessories for your wedding.


  • Select the hair accessories, according to the bridal dress and hairstyle.
  • Make sure to secure the hair accessories perfectly.
  • You can also use a feather style brooch.

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