How to Clean Ear Wax Properly without Hurting yourself (5 Way)


Actually, you do not brush your ears, because the ear canal cleans itself: Any waste – excess ear secretions, dead skin cells, dirt and dust – is conveyed as earwax outwards. But what is the proper ear care – with washcloths.


Many people use for ear cleaning naturally swab. But otolaryngologists advise always less: So you push the earwax continues into ear it accumulates in front of the ear drum and forms a solid plug, the only thing cannot be removed by the doctor. So here are some tips to clear ears.

Cotton swab is not advisable because of the hard plastic rod, because that can cause injury in the ear, which are usually very painful. And the cotton may slip off and stuck in your ear. Then you have to definitely go to the doctor.

At the pharmacy, you get products to clean the ears like sprays and drops to soften earwax. But that does not always work. If the ear is already clogged and you hear nothing more, such drops and sprays only get worse. Often the liquid dissolves only the surface of the plug, glued the ear canal and the plug is still there.

In addition, drops are often not tolerated and cause irritation in the ear. Such products can therefore only be applied preventively, but they are quite expensive.

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Stay away from metal loops

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In addition to sprays metal loops are available in the pharmacy, which can be used to remove a plug or earwax yourself. Of this, however, the expert advises clearly: Before such devices may only be warned. The risk of being injured by the metal in the ear is very large.

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Chewing helps to solve the earwax

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Basically, ears can be cleaned easily, because they make a lot of their own accord. So pushes over time earwax on fine hairs in the ear canal towards the pinna. The movement is generated by our jaw muscles during chewing. In this case, the ear moves and earwax slips slowly further out and can be easily removed – preferably in the shower.

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Gentle cleansing under the shower

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While one is in the shower, can just walk into it some water into the ear, which dissolves the wax and the ear is clean. You do not even need soap. Wrap a soft paper tissue to a small funnel to dry, so that the eardrums do not hurt. For people with an eardrum defect is however not suitable.

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Be careful with ear candles

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A candle into the ear to remove earwax sounds bizarre. Such ear candle is made of beeswax and cotton and is shaped like a funnel. The heat produced causes earwax to be softened – the vacuum which is created by the heat, it is then pulled out of the ear. But this method has many risks: Shut dripping wax can cause burns. At worst, it can also flow into the ear canal and block the ear. In addition, the cleaning effect is low.

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For itchy ears oil helps

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The skin in the ear has the same structure as everywhere else on the body. Therefore, it can also occur in the ear, the skin is dry and therefore itches. In this case, one should engage in no case to any tool: If it itches in your ear, you can drop small amount of olive or sunflower oil with a pipette. The next time you shower, the residues are then rinsed with water from the ear.

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Cleanup day at Otolaryngologist

The expert can also help if your ears make excessively form earwax. You should leave it is best removed every three months by the doctor. Sometimes this happens by sucking, sometimes by pulling out using a check mark or by rinsing with warm water.




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