7 Most Effective Tips To Make Your Hair Long and Thick


It’s very annoying to grow your hair faster overnight or in a few days with natural processes its simply impossible when your hair start growing it’s important to take good care of your hair and make sure the texture and quality of your hair are not disturbed. I am showing you a natural way to grow your hair faster, I hope you guys try these 7 Most Effective Tips To Make Your Hair Long and Thick, it treated so well.  Learn a few simple tricks to make your hair thick, healthy and long.


7 Most Effective Tips To Make Your Hair Long and Thick

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Supplies needed:

You’ll need a boar-bristle brush, moisturising shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioning treatment with protein, silica supplements, must- vitamins, satin pillow, and charcoal shower filter. (Optional)

Brush Your Hair:
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Put your hair upside down and combing your hair by using a boar-bristle brush. Never use a  chemical based oils, it makes your hair dry and weak. Massage your hair in a circular motion to the scalp.

Use Moisturising Products:

Twice a time in a month, use a deep-conditioning medical therapy with protein treatment, make sure to wash your hair thrice a time in a week with good shampoo and conditioner.


Massage Scalp:
massage scalp
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While applying a shampoo or oil in your hair, use your fingertips and massage your scalp at the neck and around the hairline. It allows  nutrients to enter in your follicles faster.

Don’t use Heated Appliances:
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Don’t use a hair dryer to dry the long hair a more than 108 degrees. While using a heat machines on your hair. like: blow dryers, curling or flat iron, it makes your hair more damage.

Take a Vitamin:

Make your diet full of nutrients and proteins. Proteins improve your hair texture very quickly. Get a multivitamin that includes antioxidants and B vitamins and Silica supplements help to promote your hair growth.

Avoid Hair Colour:
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Colouring, hair dye and use of hair chalks stop growing your hair and make your hair damage and dull.

Don’t Cut it !
don't cut
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Make sure to not cut your hair frequently, especially, if you’re concerning about long hair. Trim your hair less than half an inch or just clean up the split ends.


  • Use a silk cloth pillowcase for sleeping, it helps to stop tangling your hair at night.
  • Hard water can damage delicate hair.

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