10 Most Essential Steps To Apply a Makeup UK 2020

10 Most Essential Steps To Apply a Makeup UK 2020


I am going to show you some easy tricks how to use an applied makeup that looks best and long. Cosmetics has long been used by humans of every race, culture, and age to enhance their appearance. Some people use makeup as a mask, a form of self-expression, a cultural or a traditional ritual, and many other purposes. Makeup for its own sake is fun and enjoyable, and if you’d like to find out how to apply makeup, here are a few pointers.





10 # Moisturize moisturize

Spread over a moisturizer with an SPF on your face and neck.

9 # Build a foundation

Drop foundation along your forehead, nose, chin, and across each cheek. Blend from the middle of your face outward, using a slightly damp makeup sponge.

8 # Cover flaws Cover flaws.

Dab some concealer, one shade lighter the foundation on any blemishes or under-eye circles, using a makeup sponge or your ring finger.

7 # Tame your brows Tame-your-brows.

Shape your brows with eyebrow powder, using a thin brush; a pencil-drawn brow looks too harsh. If you’re in a rush, smooth a little petroleum jelly over them with your fingertip instead.

6 # Apply eye shadow eye-shadow

Add three different shades on one eye shadow color: Brush the darkest color in your eyelid creases, swipe the medium shade below the crease, and put the lightest shade under your brows.

5 # Line your eyes Line-your-eyes.

Apply eyeliner as close to the lash lines as possible, working from the inside out on the top lashes and from the outside in on the bottom ones, then trace over it with a matching powder shadow. Skip the liner on the bottom lash line if you have small eyes; it will make them look smaller.

4 # Add mascara. mascara

Curl your lashes before applying mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Give the top lashes a second coat, focusing on the outer lashes for a more affected look. For really lush-looking lashes, use a voluminous mascara for the first coat and a lengthening one for the second.

3 # Dust on blush Dust-on-blush.

Find the part of your cheeks that gets round when you smile and brush some blush from the center of each up to the hairline.

2 # Lip color lip-color

For long-lasting color, fill in your lips with a pencil or lip liner before putting on lipstick in the same shade.

1 # Dust your face with powder


Set your face with a light dusting of loose face powder using a large makeup brush.

Most famous brands of, cosmetic are: Ghibelline, Revlon. Urban Decay and Olay.


  • Apply a little clear, silver, or gold lip gloss below the lower lip to create the impression of big lips.
  • Apply roughly blush below the chin to the middle to minimize a double chin.
  • Make liner last longer by wetting your eyeshadow brush with anti-redness eye drops.

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