How to Get Rid of Canker Sores Fast Home Remedies (8 Tips)


Canker sores home remedies not only help the pain, but can also ensure that the canker sores heal faster. Usually you will need to treat these small bubbles in the oral cavity, but who likes to experience the unpleasant pain voluntarily one or two weeks?


Here are several resources available which cause a more rapid recovery and make the pain bearable. Below, I present you some home remedies for canker sores.

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1# Fresh Lemon and Honey

Fresh lemon can be found in every household. Mix the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon with lukewarm water, add a little honey and apply the mixture several times with a cotton swab to the mouth Cankers.


2# Green Tea

Another great cankers home remedy is the Green Tea. The Green tea has a lot of positive characteristic. For example, the cholesterol can be lowered or the blood sugar levels are positively influenced. It should even preventively against cancer and act even with canker sores can make its effect advantage, because all valuable ingredients are preserved in the leaves. These have an antioxidant effect and have a positive effect if one is suffering from canker sores.

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3# Chew Fresh Papaya

Another effective canker sores home remedy represents is the fresh papaya. Fresh papaya contains an anti-inflammatory enzyme. Chew some papaya several times a day and it will heal mouth ulcer that accelerated significantly. If you chew slowly a piece of papaya, this helps protect against canker sores. The reason for this is an enzyme which reduces inflammation.

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4# Baking powder

In addition, baking powder is very helpful. Using this into the mouth ulcer with a cotton swab also on several times a day can make the Canker go away. Baking soda is not only anti-inflammatory, but also analgesic.



5# Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera also helpful for canker it has the antioxidant and wound healing properties. Apply fresh juice of aloe vera leaves gently to the wound, let this soak in. Then rinse thoroughly your mouth. It is one of the most important home remedies against canker sores.


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6# Turmeric and Honey

A mixture of turmeric and honey can reduce pain significantly. Especially with canker sores in the oral cavity are as antibacterial mouthwashes highly recommended.

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7# Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil also acts as a great remedy for canker sores. Soak the cotton swab briefly in the oil and thus dab the mouth ulcer. When applying you should be careful because the use of tea tree oil in the mouth is not completely harmless. In the worst case, it can lead to burns or nausea. Therefore use only slightly with the tea tree oil.

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8# Vitamin C

The additional intake of 200mg of vitamin C should also help to canker sores. You should also take 2x a day take a vitamin tablet and crushed it into the powder applied directly to the mouth canker.

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A canker affected person should rinse the mouth area thoroughly on a daily basis with for example a little balm, sauerkraut or cranberry, sage or chamomile tea or something dissolved in water tea tree oil. Otherwise, it is recommended to refrain from very hot, very spicy and hard foods for now and take cold drinks and foods such as yogurt or ice. The ill person should also use a soft brush for dental hygiene, consume coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol only in a very limited extent and specifically careful to avoid stress.