Suffering from toothache should as soon as possible to see a dentist.various home remedies can relieve the pain 2023/ 2024. check How to Get Rid of Toothache Pain.

How to Get Rid of Toothache Pain Fast 2023/ 2024


Toothache is always a case for the dentist. However, the pain usually occurs at times when the medical consultant has no office near. Perhaps the person concerned would also only a home remedy to try before they move to expert hands.


Here exists a variety of different simple means, which can alleviate the toothache.

Anyone suffering from toothache should as soon as possible to see a dentist. To bridge the time until then, various home remedies can relieve the pain. This may be very simple ingredients like vegetables, spices or teas.

So check out some of them:

Spices and Vegetables:

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  • In acute dental pain, you can use vegetables or spices.
  • So you can eat both onions and garlic.
  • Just a clove of garlic or a small onion chew and the pain should go back.
  • Alternatively, place a slice of onion between teeth and gums.

Black Pepper:

Have black pepper in the house; you can also use this home remedy for tooth pain. Give two to three tablespoons ground black pepper in a glass with water plus a pinch of salt. Then simply place a few drops on the aching tooth. Another home remedy for toothache is cloves. Chew a few cloves gently on the inflamed side. The cloves should not only relieve the pain, but also kill bacteria and have an antiseptic effect.

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Cooling gives relief

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But you do not necessarily always chew something. Cool the painful area; you act the pain counter also. Place a piece of ice for about 15 minutes on the affected tooth or cool cheek. You do this then about three to four times a day. You avoid thermal contrast in inflammation, because you might otherwise increase the pain. Refrain from toothache on nicotine – or alcohol consumption.

Another possibility is to prepare salt water by dissolving as much salt in warm water. This solution is then retains so long in the mouth until the tooth pain subsides, usually about two minutes. (Please do not use in children – swallowing hazard)

Chamomile panacea

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Because of their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect the chamomile is a very popular home remedy for toothache. To treat you cook yourself a chamomile tea (1 heaped teaspoon to 1/4 liter of water) and therefore rinse your mouth.

Chew 1 clove

This remedy is especially for those who qualify, suffer from occasional toothache and can locate the place so well. The person bites the dried clove near the pain: It contained lightly anesthetic.

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Toothpaste against pain

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In pain due to cervical sensitivity may help to give the finger a little fluoride toothpaste on the spot, in order to protect that. Because the dentin is free, the nerve is irritated about in extremely hot or cold conditions. A bit of toothpaste then forms a short-term protective layer.

When home remedies are unsuitable

But be careful: if you still have pain after these remedies sufferers need to be careful in the self-treatment. The wound should not be touched in this case. Affected parties should take the pain to the dentist and follow what the dentist has prescribed.