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How to get Rid of Vaginal Itching & Burning 2023/ 2024


Most vaginal fungal diseases are treatable course. If the effect of the natural remedies fails within the first three days consult with a doctor, a doctor should be consulted urgently again.


Behind the disease namely does not have stuck a vaginal mycosis. Similar symptoms can be observed even with a vaginal infection caused by bacteria. The best home remedies for yeast infections are listed below.

Anti-fungal creams

Use these creams once or twice daily inserted with an applicator into the vagina and applied thinly to the labia. For safety, the doctors recommend treating the anal area, as there may also be fungal spores.

Vaginal Tablets

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Vaginal tablets can be use with a finger or an applicator into the vagina. During menstruation, they are not useful, because the drug is flushed with the blood from the vagina. Normally should be ever taken on three consecutive days a tablet. If a tablet omitted or delayed taking between tablets to more than 24 hours, the desired effect may not occur.


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Some women swear by the use of garlic in combination with yogurt. This application is highly questionable and not recommended because garlic clearly kills bacteria and not fungi.


Preventive garlic is, however, very often used – but on the menu. In extreme cases, doctors, garlic, onion, cumin and horseradish advice incorporate into everyday cuisine, as these substances have antifungal properties. Treatment of fungal infection can be by, garlic replaced.

Yogurt tampons

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Plain yogurt soaked tampons are good for the skin. Use of the tampon is treated not only the outer area of the vagina. Various home remedies are recommended for that.

These include water and vinegar and lemon rinses or washes with lavender or tea tree oil. But before you extensively use these funds, they should be checked for compatibility. Especially tea tree oil dissolves in some people from rashes. Any home remedies have a disinfecting effect.

Nevertheless, you should continue to treat the vaginal lubricants or creams, because home remedies dry the skin also.

Despite all means an inflammation of the vagina is nothing pleasant. But when the disease lasts longer, despite treatment, you should seek medical attention. Even if it causes may shame, a doctor can help with any problems and fight the vaginitis targeted.

Usually one gets away a vaginal inflammation itself and the doctor should be seen as a last resort but Necessary funds. Lasts longer inflammation or gets worse, there is also the risk that the infection is carried to other parts of the body.

Avoid Infection

A vaginal thrush during pregnancy is very troublesome. However, they can treat not only well. Every woman can also quite good even prevented with little effort the excessive propagation of yeast:

  • As for rare, even the exaggerated cleaning the genitals must be avoided. Once a day is enough.
  • Use best ph-neutral washing lotions and soaps, because they support the natural mucosal milieu.
  • Dry the genital area after washing, showering or bathing well and kept dry by air-permeable briefs, panty liners and clothing.
  • Pay attention to special washing hygiene. Towels, washcloths and briefs at least 60 ° C wash.
  • Cleaning always from the vagina toward the anus. Mushrooms can find their way from the intestine into the vagina and trigger a vaginal yeast infection.
  • A vitamin-rich diet low in sweets also protects to some degree against uncontrolled fungal growth.