High School Fashion Outfits 2016 For Struggling Girls


Fashion is an important tool for every girl. Nowadays, girls are becoming really conscious about their looks and clothes. While, fashion is a fabulous way to express your personality and your fashion taste. Particularly occasions like high school going girls are truly confused about their looks and footwear.


Here are High School Fashion Outfits 2016 For Struggling Girls :


Cut and Girly Outfit:

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Check out the first outfit. This is super cute and pretty. Here, I am wearing a pair of navy blue jeans with a simple unprinted sweater, flowery girlish strapless shirt with a Gladiator sandal.


Hipster Chic Outfit:

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This outfit is really casual and cool. Wearing a pair of same navy blue skinny jeans and knotting a red lined shirt around my waist with a pair of hard sole booties and a leather bag. You may also wear a power spectacle.

Tumble Fashionista:

Here, I am wearing a simple and decent outfit, same navy blue skinny make sure to cuff your jeans about a few inches above and white roomy shirt with a black hat. This outfit seems to be very girlish.

Rock with your outfit!


  • Try to select a neutral and matte color like black, gray, and red.
  • Never select sharp and cheap colors like orange.
  • Never wear very printed and big flowery prints, especially young girls.

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