9 Best Ideas - Home Remedies for Food Poisoning 2023/ 2024

9 Best Ideas – Home Remedies for Food Poisoning 2023/ 2024


Food poisoning is caused by contaminated food that contains chemicals, toxins and infectious agents such as parasites, bacteria and viruses. In fact, in the case of not being too serious, most people are better off with a few remedies for the treatment of fast food poisoning and, of course, at home without the help of any medicines.


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Only in rare cases, hospitalization is necessary because food poisoning tends to disappear as quickly as they came. So what helps with simple (uncomplicated) food poisoning?

A distinction is made between food poisoning and food infections. In food poisoning, the toxic substance is already in the diet. In this case, the toxin may have been produced either by microorganisms or by the consumed food itself.

The microorganisms that produce toxins include in particular bacteria such as Clostridium botulinum or Staphylococcus aureus and various molds. Food poisoning is very common with the consumption of toxic mushrooms, with the green tuberous toadstool being among the most dangerous. Also, the consumption of exotic animals, such as Japanese puffer fish, which are highly toxic, can lead to foodborne intoxication.



A food poisoning can be quickly caught by the burger from the food stall, by the egg and the mayonnaise on the bread from the bakery or by a not quite piece of meat from the grill. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shivering and dizziness. Here are some home remedies listed for relief.

Drink Water


Drink a lot to balance the loss of fluid, such as black tea, mineral water, juice spritzers. Get electrolyte powder from the pharmacy or make it yourself: Add six teaspoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt to one liter of warm water, stir well and drink to room temperature.

Eat only light things, such as rusk or old white bread. Treat yourself to bed rest. In this way, you can treat food poisoning well in most cases. Grandma’s home remedy is a balanced drink.

Orange Juice

For this purpose, two oranges are squeezed out and their juice mixed with half a teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of honey and 300 ml of water.

Healing Clay

Another home remedy that has been used for ages for food poisoning and other stomach ailments is a drink that binds the chyme in the stomach. For this purpose, 1 teaspoon healing clay are mixed with a little water to a soft paste. With constant stirring, then add 500 ml of boiling water. Then the whole thing can be seasoned with lemon juice and honey.


This drink is drunk throughout the day in small sips and helps to solidify the chyme.




A true miracle cure for vomiting and nausea is the alternative cure ginger. Ginger can be chewed as a fresh piece (be careful!) Or there are also candied ginger and ginger preparations from drugstores. In addition, you can take the root as tea. There are ready to buy tea bags in health packaging, but you can also make the tea from freshly grated ginger itself.

When recovery is slow, tries to eat easily digestible foods such as white cooked rice, clear chicken broth, low-fat yoghurt, toasted butter, or grated apple. However, if the constant vomiting cannot absorb fluid or if the diarrhea becomes bloody, a doctor should be consulted.


Honey has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help treat indigestion and other symptoms of food poisoning. You can add honey to tea as a natural remedy. With three teaspoons of honey, you can feel relax due to food-borne illness causing disorders because honey helps control the formation of excessive acid in the stomach.

Herbal Tea


There are various types of herbal teas such as ginger, chamomile, green tea, lemon, peppermint, which help you to treat food poisoning in the stomach, to prevent stomach cramps and keep your body well hydrated.

Cumin Seed


The seeds of cumin or Zeera seeds are excellent home remedies to cure inflammation in the stomach, which is caused by food poisoning, reduce tenderness and help to heal. Just add a tablespoon of cumin, then add water or to your clear soup. You can also add salt to make a herbal tea with cumin.


Banana potassium rich fruit that helps you to reduce various harmful effects of food poisoning, recovery office help to an impressive level. Because of their soft texture, bananas are light on the stomach. You can eat bananas directly or a quick shake banana whip. Brewing a few bananas and apples also helps to treat food poisoning naturally.