How to Apply Foundation On Your Face in 8 Steps (With Pictures)


Foundations can easily balance your skin tone. Many foundations are available in liquids, powders, and sponge variety and  blend in your skin like a cream and gives an extra natural look. It also helps to preserve and protect your makeup too and make a great skin complexion. It works best for concealing your jawlines and angles of your face.


 Pick up the correct color.

How to Apply Foundation On Your Face in 8 Steps (With Pictures
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Take a foundation that contrasts with your skin, if you have the right color, apply a lightly combined swipe along the jawline.

Wash your face.


Make sure to wash your face with warm water and a good cleanser.  Never apply a makeup to a dirty skin


Start massaging your face with facial moisturizer into your skin.


Shake the bottle.

Shake the bottle of foundation thoroughly before using it.

Shot foundation on hand.

Take some foundation onto the backside of your hand and spread it out with your finger. Dip the sponge in the foundation.

Apply foundation.

Lay the foundation on your face, starting in the middle and work your way outer. Balance a thin, even layer into your hairline and outside your jawline.

Apply concealer.
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Use a concealer brush or your finger, put on concealer to any flawed areas that were not muted with foundation.

Dust on powder.
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Dust on some glowing powder to preserve the foundation in place.


  • Make sure you sponge is wet.
  • Make sure to moisturize your skin perfectly.

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