How to Apply Mascara Look Like Pro ( Photo + Video Tutorials )


I am going to show you some easy tricks how to use a mascara and lashes looks best and long. Mascara helps to easily change your face and looks. But it’s quite tricky to use a mascara without any mess. When you apply a mascara in a perfect way it makes your eyes look super gorgeous.


Lash curler.

You’ll need a lash curler.

Set a mascara wand over your eyelash.

Then, curling your lashes is to count it one-two and three on each eye.

Make sure your lashes are curled nicely.


If you are using a new mascara.

Wipe extra mascara on a piece of tissue to get rid of any cluster.

Build volume.

Wiggle the mascara at the base of the lash. This is very important because it helps to separate the lashes, and the ends of the lash do not stick together.



Sweep the wand at the back side of the lashes.

Apply a thick coat at the sides of lashes and lighter over the ends.

For the bottom lashes.

Do the same as a wiggle, separate and sweep

Repeat this process over and over again.

Clean up!

If you get any mascara onto your eyelids, take a clean brush and a clear powder to make your lashes more charming.


I hope this is very helpful for you.


  • If you don’t like the thick look, applies less coat.
  •  Make sure to dry your mascara. You can use a Q-tip to remove any mistake and mess of mascara. .
  •  Put your mascara wand in a cup of warm water to make the liquid thinner.

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