How to Cut Your Long Hair By Yourself in Layers


Learn How to Cut Your Long Hair By Yourself in Layers, It is very simple to cut your hair by yourself, a fashioning hair can be taken  as a part of self-grooming  fashion, and change, hair cut should be according to your face sketch.


If you think that you cannot cut your own hair, just follow the simple and easy steps and you’ll get an amazing result.


You’ll need a tail comb, hair brush and a pair of scissors.




You will need to take all of your hair and  brush everything. make sure to brush  or comb everything forward.

See the image for guidance.




Then go all the way to the end and take the scissors to cut that straight off. Keep all the length that you have.





Once you cut, it will actually give you some of the layers in front  and back side too.

Second Side:


Turn your face sideways, comb your hair in the front, bring all the hair towards you, and actually cut the bottom of it in a straight line.

 Do the same thing on the other side:



Now, you can actually reach the back of your head and starting cutting.

It won’t be perfect, but it will help.


  • Nothing is going to be better than the professional.
  • Make sure to wet your hair while cutting.
  • Be careful when you use scissors, knife or any sharp tool.


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