How to do Ponytail Bow Hairstyle for Girls ( Photo + Video Tutorial)


Today, I am going to show you how to create a cute hair ponytail bow. This hairstyle is perfect for teen age’s girls. Hairstyle bows are very popular right now, but this hair bow is a lot more subtle and perfect for girls. This style is super cute and pretty.


Supplies needed:

You’ll need an elastic band, Topsy tail, Bobby pins, fiber gum and a hair comb.


Set all your hair to one side and tie a loose ponytail.

Comb your hair.

Pick up a piece of hair over the top

It should be like a 1 inch section.


Use a fiber gum and run it on the top to give a neat look.

 Elastic band.

Use the second elastic band and put it over the hair around and foam a bow part.



By using a same elastic and do the same thing and wrap the other and remaining part of the hair section.

And from another little loop of a bow. Here you get a basic structure of the bow.

For fluffy hair.

If you think that the loops are small, fluff out and make a thick bow.


Take the two ends that you use before.

Grip it under your hair. Pick up the small section below a bow.

Then, take it up and over and use a Bobby pin to secure a bow.

Option# 2

Take a separate section about 2 inches and split it in half. The both ends up and over the middle and secure it by using Bobby pins.

Perfect option.

Take a Topsy tail. Place it right behind the bow and pass the hair section through the Topsy tail.

Take the Bobby pin and secure it.


Use a hair spray to make the bow soft and neat.


I hope you try it.


  • Make sure to tuck the ends of the bow.
  • Use a hair spray to secure the  baby hair.
  • Use a mirror while you are making the hair bow.

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