How to Get Ride of Dry Skin Patches – Best Home Remedies


Make your skin fresh and glowing as a face is an important part of your body. Try to improve your face glowing and take good care of your skin in a daily basis. Facial scrub and cleansing is an active and simple way of beauty segment. Rice and honey, mask and scrub prevent from dry and patchy skin also helps to remove dirt from your skin and blocked your skin pores.



Supplies needed.

you will need a rice, lemon, and a green tea, honey. ( Optional)


Take a bag of fresh rice. (White or brown)

And, separate a half cup of rice in a bowl.


Use a Rollin pin, hand blender or an electric blender (Optional) smash up the rice till the rice is smaller in touch.


Skin Brightening Scrub:

Cut the lemon in half.

You can scrub it on your body to brighter your skin and exfoliate your face to brighten your completion.

Rice Mask:

Grab a rice paper and cut out a face shape template.

Make sure to trim each piece.


Pour a warm water in a bowl and add a green tea in it. (Optional)

To solve the Ache problem. Add a few qualities of honey in a bowl.

Pour the rice in the honey and mix it well, then soak the face shape template into the green tea mixture.

Apply :

Your scrub is ready to apply on your face.

This is the best scrub for your body and face.


  • Avoid alcohol toners!
  • Green tea contains anti-oxidation.
  • Don’t make it too powdery.
  • Add more benefits, you can use an organic rice.

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