How to Increase Height with Exercise at Home (6 Exercise Ideas)


Height always played a major role in the individual personality to improve. No doubt some are often desperate to strengthen their natural height in every possible way.


A large number of acupressure treatments and a number of drugs available for that. The gain of the height from drugs and other application are not really effective, very expensive and include the associated side effects. Moreover, there is no guarantee for the success of these methods.

So if you are young enough, find possible natural ways to increase your height by combining proper nutrition with exercise routine. Good nutrition keeps active hormones freshly stimulate growth and help rebuild.

A good exercise routine helps to strengthen your muscles and tighten; growth hormones releasing that are responsible for the stimulated height.

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When it comes to influence the look of your confidence, shorter you are, the less confidence you feel. For some, the height is something that you are looking for in your social life and work.

If you need more, but you think that you are stuck with your size to 20, you can be wrong. With diets many simple exercise can help you to increase your height, if you exercise regularly.

Here are the exercises that I use for my stretching program. These exercises are very helpful to me in my pursuit of height. When pain during exercise (especially in joints) the respective exercise should not be performed.

1# Leg Swing:

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  • This is a dynamic stretching exercise.
  • The leg should be controlled and swung only in the current frame of movement.
  • Usually 3 rounds with 12-20 reps per leg per exercise are enough.
  • This is enough for me to even on “bad” days to get my range of motion in my current maximum height.

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2# Belly Crunches

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  • The movement of these abdominal Ab routine extends the entire spine.
  • Also promotes proper spinal alignment and enables the discs to expand their full potential.
  • Note that too much compression on the spine in a small space between each spine results, this can lead to poor posture and back problems.

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3# Increase Leg

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  • The Leg Raise exercise has been proven that the central region and your lower abs strengthening and increasing your height.
  • This routine can hurt the first few times.
  • The pain signals that your abs is actually just the right amount pressure sensation.
  • You can begin to do 10- 15 Leg Raises three times a week.
  • Once the pain and discomfort disappears, you become more confident and increase the frequency with which you implement this abdominal exercise.

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4# Leg Kicking

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  • Leg kicking is another great exercise to increase your height.
  • This exercise increase your height by increasing your legs so the more you stretch your leg high the more and soon result you get.

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5# Jumping Exercise

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  • Jumping exercise is one of the easiest and simple exercise anyone can do to increase their height.
  • This exercise is not only simple but also give a great effective results.
  • while you do jumping exercises, your spine as well as calf muscles experience a lot of stretching because of the forceful lifting your feet above from the ground.
  • This not only works on your legs but also increase your blood supply to the whole body and bone and stimulate growth.

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6# Hanging

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  • Another simple and much much effective exercise is hanging to increase the height.
  • It is also extremely fun exercise that shows results quickly.
  • Moreover, it can be done anywhere you do not need any kind of special tool or need a lot of space.
  • It might be tough in the start but once your get use to of it with practice it will be easy.