How to: Knot Top Hair Tutorial in Just 10 seconds


When we are getting ready, we usually get lazy and have a messy hair and not putting too much effort in our hair, Most of the people like the simple hair. You have to try something different. I am going to show you how to fix your hair smartly the easiest hair knot or bun.


Supplies needed:

All you need is a pair of hand obviously, hair tie, hair brush, and hair spray optional.

High Ponytail:

Pull your hair in a high pony tail


Take a little hair brush and spray a  hair spray then run the brush through your hair for a smoother surface.

It is a cool trick for the stubborn baby hair.


Donut Bun:

Slip the ponytail through the bun and roll it into a Donut shape.


Grip the ponytail end straightforward and Pass up the Donut bun over it.


Create a top knot take all the hair and fold around at the base of the ponytail.

Wrap the ponytail around the base.


Secure in place by using Bobby pins.

You can also use a jazzed up Bobby pins. It is stronger than a Bobby pins.

Done !

You have a simple bun on the top of your head: P


   Make sure to leave out about 4-5 inches of hair while adjust the bun.

   Make sure the donut sits perfectly.

   Divide your hair according to your hair length and volume.

   Apply a hair spray to fix and secure your hair in place.

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