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How To Make A Custom Dress 2020 UK Without Sewing


I am going to show you, how making your own duct tape dress form, it’s really expensive if, you buy from the market, I am very confident that it’ll be helpful for the market person and useful to carry any fashionable and stylish dress styles on it,




I mention some useful tricks and tips in this project, make sure to prepare the right size.


Wear the T-shirt:

How To Make A Custom Dress 2016

You need a help of your friend for this, wear a long T.shirt and wrap a duct tape horizontally around the waist and T.shirt. Make sure to cover the bottom part first.

Allow for breasts:


Attach the layers in different places in an outward direction from the centre of the breast area. Try to use a smaller pieces of layers to wrap your breast.

Fold around neck and arms:


Wrap the tape around your neckline and armholes.

Mark waist and middle line:


Use a marker and mark the midline of your waistline.

Add layers:


Once you wrap the horizontal layers, then add a vertical layer with stripes and press the outlines at the chest strongly.

Cut the form:cut-the-form

Now, cut the back middle line of the tape pattern with the scissor and make your body style straight, make sure your face lie down.

Fill the form:fill-the-form

Then, fill the pattern with poly batting, and secure the bottom line with a hard cardboard.

Done !done

Make sure to fill the hole with polyurethane spray and wrap it with the knit fabric.


  • Cover the plastic around the neck to protect.
  • Stand straight and face forward the whole time to create a consistent body model.
  • Use a flat surface while you’re filling the hole.