How to make a French Braid On Yourself Step by Step (With Pictures)


This is a nice modern take on the traditional French braid. With this, you get a lot more volume and a lot more look. Keep your hands nice and flat to scalp to make a nice and a flat braid. So, it’s come out ravishing and super adorable hair style. These instructions to make a French braid is easy to understand, you just have to learn a few simple tips and steps.


 Supplies needed:

All you need is a hair tie, hair brush, and hair spray (Optional)

Step 1:

Brush all the  hair sections, until it’s free of tangles.

Step 2:


Make a three sections of your hair, make sure to separate the hair on the top of your head.

Step 3:

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Make cross the right section over the middle part, and then cross the left section over the middle part, as you would with a normal braid.


Step 4:

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Add more hair as you move, Added small section of hair from the right side of your head into the right-hand section, and cross it over the midsection.

Step 5:

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Do the same as above again, gather a small section of hair from the left side of your head into the left-hand section, and cross it over the central part.

Step 6:


Repeat, gather small sections step by step until you have grouped all the hair into the braid.

Step 7:


Once you reach the end of the neck, finish braiding the length of the hair.

Step 8:


Secure the end of the braid with a pretty band. Spray it with Hairspray.

Hope you people enjoy !



  • While you are adding more hair, keep the three sections in your other hand.
  • Keep the braid tight.

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