How To Make Perfect Smokey Eyes Step By Step (With Pictures)


This make up tutorial was super charming, this is probably my favourite make up look because it’s so simple but sexy. You don’t need a ton of eye-shadows, just some good blending skills.


You can pair this Smokey eye with pretty much any lip colour, and I decided to wear it with a nude glossy lip. I hope you like this work and you found it helpful.

Products and Brushes used in this Tutorial:


NYX Eyeshadow base ”Skin tone”
MUA Pressed powder ”Shade 4”
Makeup Store Micro shadow ”Deadly”
MUA Gel eyeliner ”Underground”
MUA Matte single eyeshadow ”Shade 20”
MUA Intense color eyeliner ”Jet black”
Makeup Store Eye dust ”Mercury”
Wet n Wild Mega liner ”Black”
Wet n Wild XXL Lash mascara
Red Cherry Eyelashes #110


MUA E3 Blending and shadow brush
MUA E1 Eyeshadow brush
Elf. Studio blushes brush


Eyeshadow base.

Take a medium size round brush and apply an eye-shadow base all ways of your eyes.

Warm Brown Eye Shadow:

Apply warm eye-shadow in the crease out of the corners, make sure to apply the crease color first. It blends an eye-shadow easily.

Dark Brown, Eye Shadow:

Use a dark brown eye shadow and apply for it on your eyelid from the lash line.

This make-up is all about blending. Ensure that your shades blend perfectly.


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Load your eyes with the liner. Apply eye liner as close to the lash lines as possible, working from the inside out of the top lashes and from the outside in on the bottom ones, then trace over it with a matching powder shadow.

Black Eye Shadow:

Splash some black eye shadow on your lower eyelid to make it super dark and the Smokey lash. And blend down to the lash line.

Upper liner:

Apply a black eyeliner on the upper lash line and blend it out with the clean brush. Apply a black eyeshadow and blend it with the brown eye shadow, so it looks like a Smokey.


Highlight the inner corners and above the lashes with the small brush, press a silver shade into the corners of the edges to soften the effects.


Take a small brush and curl the lash around. Use a very thin brush and holding with your thumb, then rolling the brush around and sticks. Put the lashes and set it in the right place

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Apply a mascara on upper and lower lashes, make sure to wipe extra mascara with a piece of tissue to get rid of the mess.

Ready !

Make your appearance sexy and sophisticated.


  • Make sure to wipe up any mistake and mess.
  • For an excellent result, Make sure to moisturise your eyes.
  • Make sure to dry your mascara.

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