How to Make Water Marbles Nails ( Photo+ Video Tutorial )


Marble nail art doesn’t come easy. The end result is always a treat, but mastering the technique takes patience and practice. We’re here to show you how you can do the manicure yourself and end up with dazzling results, So get your polishes, water, and nail file ready for these fancy fingertips.


Supplies needed:

You’ll need a nail polish remover, Sticky tape, Base and top coat, toothpick water, and a nail polish of your choice

Take out by cleaning your nails & prepping with a base coat.

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Apply a hard basecoat to protect your nails. It makes the color show up superior and covers it. Ensure that to let it dry carefully.

Use White Tips as your base color.

Paint your nails in a light gray, nude, or light pink nail polish color. Let it try to dry carefully before performing the next step.

Protect around your nails with tape.

protect your nails
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Cover your fingers with a piece of regular tape to protect your nails. Make sure that the tape should be below your nail.


Create a round design in the cup with all 3 colors.

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Pour a nail vanish into a cup. Hold a nail polish brush about the center and dip one color onto the water. Do the same and dip a new color of nail polish in the center.

Draw in the design with your tool.

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Use a toothpick stick or any other object to make a design.

Dip your nails into the design.
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Slowly put your finger into the water design, make sure the tape is secure and fix properly.


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Add any embellishments and gemstones to decorate your nails.

Clean the top of the water.

Slowly pull your nail out and remove the tape. Make sure to clean up around the edges. Add any embellishments and gemstones to decorate your nails.
Finish with a top coat!


  • Do not touch your nails with the nail polish remover.
  • Make sure your nails are completely dry.
  • Make sure to wash your dishes with gloves, it protects your nails.

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