How to Make your Lashes Thick and Voluminous


I am going to show you very lush lashes with complete demonstration and detailed product names too. Full, lush, and long lashes can be yours in a snap.


Our beauty expert’s tips and tricks will show you how to define your eyes and make lashes pop up.

Curl your lashes.

Make your lash line curl by using a lash curling tool. Set it on your lashes and give a neat touch.

Base coat.

Apply extreme volume base coat to cover the Bombshell Volume Mascara. Cover the both ends of the lashes and make a mix dark lash line.

Eyelash comb.


Grab a nice little comb and brush through the lashes. So don’t have any clumps. This is very important because it helps to separate the lashes, and the ends do not stick together.


Apply the intensifying top coat for defining lashes. It provides your lashes some further glow.

Make sure the eyes are completely loaded with the topcoat.


Again, use an eyelash comb give a great look. It makes your lashes strong, thick and voluminous.


I hope this is very valuable for you.


  • You can use a Q-tip to remove any mistake and mess of mascara.  .
  • Wipe extra mascara on a piece of tissue to get rid thicker.

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