How To Make Your Own Summer Lace Dress – No Need to Sew


The inspiration for this project is fully black lacy gowns, available in different boutiques right now; I absolutely love with this and always looking for  thin dresses, it’s basically a summer dress with lace on the top.


Here we are showing you How To Make Your Own Summer Lace Dress with some designs and trick to get the look, that you don’t want to buy a brand new dress.


You’ll need a fitted dress, 2 yards of lace, pins, and a fabric glue.


Take a piece of lace and some pins.


Wrap a piece of lace around your waist and get a proper width.

Make sure it covers all the way around to the other side of the dress.  Place the pin and mark the points.


Lay the piece on the flat surface and cut across from one side to the other. Trim the edges neatly.

Back to the mirror:


Make sure to stand above the ground to measure the length of the dress perfectly. Pin down and attach the lace with the dress.


Pin down at the bottom and in front too, attach the sides with each other.

Take the dress off:

Take the dress and pin off. Cut the mark points and the fabric probably an inch above.


Glue on the edges of the fabric and dress with each other by using fabric glue.

Done !

Super stylish!

More Styles:

Some more stylish ideas  for making more creative dresses.


  • You can wear the dress in the summer with bare legs and in winter with skinny or tights.
  • For the strapless sleeves, you can also stitch the long lace sleeves.
  • Be confident and pleased with your dress.

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