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How To Manicure Your Hands at Home (Photo + Video Tutorial)


I am going to show you how to do at home manicure and give a really professional and neat look. This service is offered in many salons, but charges a lot of money for this, Now no need to go to the salon for a manicure. Learn about the uses of nail-file, trim your cuticles, and easily apply a nail paint without any mistakes. Ready your nails to give a super neat and amazing look at home. Here’re few simple and easy steps for you.





You’ll need a kit of manicure tools.


Remove all the nail polish from your nails and arrange them into the shape. There are many shapes like square, oval, and C-shape. Make all the edges nice and smooth round. You can also use a file inside out. Once you have  finished your nails in shape, then move to the next step.



The buffer has a different texture on either side, start buffing on the top of your nail, if you use a buffer on a daily basis makes your nails weaker. It helps to remove the top dead layer of nail.  Rub all the four levels of buffering stick gradually.

Cuticle Removal:


Use an instant cuticle remover or any cuticle remover that works best for you. This product comes in a squeeze tube you can squeeze it around your cuticles and makes your nail edges soften. After that, your cuticles look neater than before.

Apply Base Coat:

How To Manicure Your Hands at Home

Use a nail base coat every time, it is like a sticky base coat and really helps to make your nail polish stick very strongly. Put on a layer of base coat on your nail and let them dry completely

Apply Red Polish:

Apply a dark and bright nail color or you can choose any of your choices. Make sure to not start with the edges of your nail. Lay a one long stroke in the middle of your nail and give a little gap and apply another stroke. Apply at least three strokes to cover a single nail.

Apply top Coat:

How To Manicure Your Hands at Home


Apply a thin and clear layer of top coat to secure the nail color and it provides your nail some further glow.

Let them dry completely.

Cuticle Maintenance: Cuticle-cream.

Finished up with some cuticle butter or cream. Rub it around the cuticles,  it’s also suitable to apply before going to bed. It makes your cuticles soft and moisturize.

Done !

How To Manicure Your Hands at Home



  • Don’t touch any things while your nails are wet.
  • To make your cuticles soft and white, dip them into a lemon or an orange juice.
  • Make sure to not cut your cuticles if you lead to an infection.

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