How To Remove Your Unwanted Hair Without Pain In Just 5 Min


I am going to show you how to shave your Legs. Everyone wants a friendly choice that guarantees to remove the hair quickly without irritating the skin during the procedure, Razor seems to be the best option, when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair.



Shower or Bathe:
How To Remove Your Unwanted Hair
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Warm water does the shave easier, while you’re showering or bathing use a warm water. It makes your hair soft and smooth, it also helps to unlock the pores and relax your skin.

Cover  Legs with Shaving Cream:

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When you’re in the bathtub. Rub a layer of shaving cream on your legs.

Start at the top of foot & pull up:

First, wash your razor and clean up the blades. Use a razor in an opposite direction, begin at the top of your feet and stretch smoothly upwards to the complete legs in one smooth stroke.
Pull skin taut with one hand. Make sure the razor blades are sharp.


Pull skin taut with one hand:

Make sure to shave against the direction of your hair growth and stretch the skin tight and rigid with one hand. Although with the other hand shave your hair.

Don’t use dull and rusty blades:

Don’t put too much pressure on your razor, because this can cause razor burn and skin irritations.

Rinse razor blade:

Always wash your razor with warm water respectively, and try to clean  it up with tissue or napkin.

Moisturise Legs:

Use an alcohol-free lotion or cream, and rub it around your legs, it makes your shaved skin soft and silky without any injury and  inflammations.

Perfectly smooth legs for nearly 72 hours.


  • Don’t share razors.
  • Don’t dry shave.
  • Don’t ex-foliate after shaving.
  • Don’t burn the day after shaving.

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