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All the copyright images we are using on this website ( is the property of original users which are freely available on internet for re-publication and re-use. Our website does not use these images for commercial purposes except they are allowed by the original owners. We have provided the source of original images in the end of each image so you can visit the original owners of images for permission to use their content for commercial or private use.

Majority of images we are using on our website are free to use except few and we have taken permission from original owners of those images to use their content on our website. We are not responsible for any image we have taken from third party website except the original owner.

Privacy right:
We have not used any private photo on our website without permission of the person. In case if you still found your picture on our website and want to removed it, please send us an email for removal of picture. We will remove your picture within 3 business days. You have to provide us complete identity for the verification of the image. But we ensure that we have not used any personal image of any identifiable person on our website and we are restrict to follow this policy.

If you found, any image on this website which violate your copyright policy or promote your privacy, please contact with us for removal or correction of original image source. We will contact back with your within 3 business days.

Change in privacy policy:

We have right to change our privacy policy statement and we may change our privacy policy anytime. To get informed about any change in privacy policy you can send us your email address to get informed about any change in privacy policy. We will informed you about any change within 3 business days.

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