Do you know how to make your lips more colorful and healthy 2023/ 2024? Make your Dark Lips Lighter Naturally. Remove the dark color of your lips. Here are some tips and remedies that you can follow to lighten your dark lips.

How to Make you Dark Lips Lighter Naturally 2023/ 2024


Most women of this ear are most likely to face the problem of dark lips, caused by excessive intake of tea or coffee, high usage of highly chemical lipstick, sunrays and improper maintenance of the lips. In addition, smoking also makes the lips dark which is a proven fact.


In addition to expensive scrubs and peeling for the lips, you can do packages besides delicious recipes, to remove dark color of your lips. Here are some tips and remedies that you can follow to lighten your dark lips.




Another good tip on how to make darker lips naturally lighter is to use honey. To make the best use of honey, put it on your lips at night and leave it on while you sleep. The honey will lighten the color of the lips, moisturizing them and giving them a nice pink glow.

Honey is a proven home remedy for dry lips also. Simply leave a thin layer over night and wash (or lick) in the morning. Also olive oil is a natural variant of conventional lip balms. The oil is said to have a moisturizing effect, making it the ideal care for rough lips and dark lips.

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A piece of sugar beets

Cut the beets and keep the parts in your refrigerator. Just massage your lips with a juicy piece in your spare time. Take a slice of turnips on your hands every time you watch TV. It will do the trick! You will see your lips pink and glowing in a few days.

Keep your body hydrated

You need to take care of your healthy lips nicely along with topical applications. Hydrate your body, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to keep you from drying out, which causes the dark lips.

Apply coconut oil



In addition to exposure to the sun and improper maintenance, dry and dark lips can also cause pigmented lips. Apply coconut oil (or almond oil) to your lips every night before going to bed. This treatment of coconut oil preserves the moisture, prevents dryness, makes you lips pink, and nourishes, to get rid of the dark lips. It is another good trick on how to get rid of dark color of your lips of course.

Before that, you can gently remove dead skin cells with a soft toothbrush. However, beware: do not scrub too hard! A peeling from oil and sugar is a tasty version to remove small pieces of skin and make the skin on the lips again velvety.

Cucumber slices

You have heard that you can use cucumbers to treat dark circles under the eyes, as well as dark armpits. Cucumber can also work to wonders on dark lips. Rub a slice of cucumber over the lips every night and it will gradually lighten its color.

Exfoliate with sugar


Next Imprint Tip on how to make “dark lips naturally lighter” is to exfoliate them. An accumulation of dead skin cells is what`s causing your lips dark, but it`s easy to remove dead skin, to reveal the lighter skin underneath with a simple sugar scrub.

Make a paste of Shea butter and sugar and gently massage the mixture into your lips. Do this once or twice a week, and it will restore color and softness of the lips.

Check the lip products you use it may irritate your lips that cause darken your lips. Some cheaper brands of lipstick can cause a mild allergic reaction, which makes the color of the lips darker. Try swapping products or use less of them, and see if this will make a difference.

Also, try natural lip balm, which can also help.

Moisturize with natural oils

Dry and dehydrated lips look darker, so moisturize them with natural oils on a regular basis. Olive oil and almond oil are said to be the best for your lips. They help moisturize and contain nutrients that nourish your lips and stimulate new skin cells to grow.

Apply some olive oil or almond oil every night before you go to bed, and that should help soften your lips and lighten the color.

Protect your lips from damage While all these natural remedies, if you do not take care of your lips, then they will just keep darkening. Keep your lips well hydrated and exfoliate once a week. You should also think about some of the things that make your lips go darker, like smoking, drinking too much caffeine and staying out in the sun for too long. Any of these things could be the cause of your lips getting darker and the only way to stop it is to change some of your habits.