10 Steps Can Make your Eyelashes Super Long ( Photo+Video Tutorial )


Everyone wants a longer lash and if you want to make your lashes longer and thicker in just a minute, you can use the fake lashes, but you need some patience and prepare for this because, applying the fake lashes on your eyes cause some complications and to stick the lashes perfectly is tricky. Here’re I am showing you some tricks to apply the lashes on your eyes.



Use a small brush. You can work with any thin brush to curl the lashes around it and hold the brush with your thumb. Keep rolling the lashes throughout the brush.

You can also use a thin stick instead of a brush.


Once your lashes are curved lay the curve part on the eye line. When the lashes become unfolded, it’ll cause disturbance and irritating throughout the night.


Use a black eyeliner, because the black lashes look more natural and attractive, You can also apply a smokey makeup on your eyes.


Keep loading your lashes with mascara and curl your lashes. This makes your lashes thick and long.



Use a duo glue to stick the lashes on the eyes, as this glue is dark in color and press the lashes on a right place.


Let it dry completely, make sure the lashes set in the eyes perfectly.

Press and twist them as shown above.


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You can also use a lash applicator tool, it helps to secure the lashes on a right place easily at home.


On the outer side of an eye-line sticks the lashes and try to secure it closely. Set it nearly into the inner part of the eye. Never close much into the inner corner, so that it’ll create a problem.

Make sure the lashes are secure and if you want to trim them, trim off the outer corner, not the inner.


Use a Q-tip with a makeup remover and remove any mistake or mess around the eyes. Most of the time the inner and outer edges of the lashes attach with each other, to avoid this never make the bottom part of the lash closely.

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Use eyeliner as near to the lash lines as possible, Skip the liner on the bottom lash line if you have small eyes; it will make them look smaller.


I hope this is very useful for you.


  • Grab a nice little comb and brush for the lashes.
  • You can use a Q-tip to remove any mistake and mess of mascara.      .
  • Apply a thick coat of mascara.

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