8 Ways TO Make Your Eyes Bigger With Makeup


Women love to play with their features, big and attractive eyes look super fabulous and the main feature of female beauty, makeup is a fun and all about experiments, now you can easily make your eyes bigger and wider, avoid silly mistakes because your makeup shows many things about your perfection, try to use simple, soft and neutral color for this.




Use an inner rim brightener. You can use a white, You can use some flesh types of tones. White is going to pop the most, you want to be really gentle with this area because it is very close to the eye. If you’re using darker colors on the inside, it’s going to close the eye on.

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If you want your eyes to look bigger, you can either apply the shadow to the outer side of the eye depending on your eye shape. So, if you want to know whether your eyes are close-set or wide-set, you take the size of your eye, now this is not precise at all, you put right in.


Take a little bit of brown shadow, give a natural look, make a crease and sweep the shadow up this way to broaden it out. Stir in the crease and take it upwards. Take a little into the corner too.



Use something mat and we stroked it right on the top and bottom, cleaned up the brows, and does actually open the eyes a little bit more. Framing the brows makes a huge difference.


Make the eyes look a little bit bigger is to use a black eyeliner and take a nice kind of sharp look, Create perfect head eyes. So, You can place the wand on your eye corner. It helps to create a sharp edge.


One of the other things for making the eyes look a little bigger and wider is placing the highlight right in this inner corner here.


Make your lash line curl by using a lash curling tool. Set it on your lashes and give a neat touch.


Shake the mascara and apply at the base of the lash. This is very important because it helps to separate the lashes, and the ends do not stick together.


This is a really awesome everyday look.


  • You can use a Q-tip to remove any mistake.
  • Always make sure everything’s blunt and smooth.
  • Never pencil your waterline.
  • Make sure to blend your eye shadow perfectly.

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