Do you know how many benefits of olive oil 2023/ 2024? How to used, we guide you best used of Olive Oil for Skin & Hair and tell you the Benefits of olive oil.

Benefits to use Olive Oil for Skin & Hair 2023/ 2024


Olive oil is not only known in the kitchen as vitamin-rich and healthy oil. Also in skin care and hair care, the oil from the olives convinces by its high nutrient content.


The fact that olive oil donates healthy active ingredients both internally and externally has long been known in the Mediterranean countries where the olive is at home.

High Quality Olive Oil

There the healthy oil is used for cooking as well as for hair and skin care. If you also want to use the oil from the olive, you should pay attention that you buy high-quality oil. This means you should be looking for an organic olive oil. In addition, the oil must be cold-pressed.


Natural Products with Olive Oil

If you have a first-class olive oil, you can start producing your own natural skin care products. You use olive oil as base oil, you can apply it pure or as a cleaning agent into a cream. The powerful oil is suitable for the face as well as for the rest of the body and hair.

Olive Oil – Effect for the Skin


Olive oil is a successful remedy for wrinkles. Due to its high vitamin E content it makes the facial skin supple and elastic. Vitamin E contributes to the supply of oxygen and thus prevents the formation of wrinkles. It tightens the skin and release tension.

Because the oil is an excellent moisturizer, it is used in the skin cream for the face care as well as in the olive oil soap for the hands. It nourishes the dry facial skin and it makes cracked, brittle hands velvety soft.

Olive Oil – Against Pimple and Wrinkles



Even applied to small wounds, olive oil has a healing effect. It helps to cure minor skin irritations and is used in many countries as additional protection against the dangerous UV radiation of the sun.

Since olive oil is easily disinfecting, it is often used against pimples and eczemas.

Olive Oil Nourishes the Scalp


Olive oil belongs to the rich oils. It is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants. These benefits not only dry skin on the body but also the hair and sculp. For the care of hair and scalp, olive oil is a real insider tip. Dry dandruff and itching are combated, the hair appears more shiny and easier to comb. Splits can be pre-bent. In addition, sometimes hair loss can be mitigated with olive oil, provided that it has no genetic causes.

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Massage Hair with Olive Oil

Olive oil has the best effect in the form of a Haarmasque. For this, some oil is massaged in scalp and hair and covered with a shower cap or a towel. Caution: Use olive oil only sparingly. Who takes too much, it is difficult to get washed out. The oil should work for at least half an hour. Some even leave the oil in the hair overnight.

Olive Oil Instead Of Expensive Anti-Aging Products


Olive oil is also one of the most reasonable beauty products. It is mainly operative against the dry scalp and wrinkles on the face because the oil is naturally rich with unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants as well as vitamin E. All you need to do is simply moist your hands with water take a few drops of the oil and massage your scalp and hair. Make sure you do not take a lot of oil since it is not easy to wash and cannot be absorbed in our skin completely. While buying make sure you buy cold pressed olive oil since it contains a great active ingredients.

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Always Apply Oil to the Moist Skin

It is best to absorb the oil when it is moist. Then an emulsion is formed, which can penetrate the skin well. In addition, oil should always be used sparingly; otherwise the skin feels quickly unpleasantly sticky.

At Night the Care Is Best

The ideal time for the oil care is before going to bed. The cleansed skin then not only has sufficient time to take up the care but is supported by the nutrients during its nighttime regeneration. The next morning she felt soft and well-groomed.




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