How to Choose Perfect Pair of Glasses 2016 For Your Face


One of the essential fashion accessories is the sunglasses. It helps to protect your eyes too, people are looking for the perfect sunglasses for their face shape. Sunglasses are definitely a summer essential accessory. But snagging the right shape can get tricky. How to Choose Perfect Pair of Glasses 2016 For Your Face.


Face shape:

First, you have to measure your face features like length and width of your cheekbone, forehead and jaw line.


Round face is very common in Asia, people in this category should carry a square and rectangle frame because this face has a jaw and cheekbone prominent, round face people might look cute!


Thick and bold style shows the similarity of a cat sketch. And represents a stylish pair of glasses with a high and good quality of material and specified for women.



A square face is not common among us. People in this group have pointed and angular face edges like the forehead and cheekbone are higher prominent. People should select the butterfly.



This glass has thick edges and heavy corners with a thin bottom outline.


Oblong and Oval:
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These faces are long, thin and over-sized without well-defined shape. Light and thin framed glasses look great on this face. An oval face looks frameless and has an egg shape face. These faces are a combination of round and oblong shape. People in this group should select the aviator.


The Aviator has broad mirrors and smoky lens. This frame is great for beach parties, shows a funky and cool look.


Diamond face is precious and a perfect face shape, these faces feature wide cheekbone and thin chin with a narrow forehead.

People in this group should select the wayfarer.


Wayfarer is really popular gradually and designed to fit on diamond faces. The outlines are broad and thick in texture.


Triangle and heart shapes contain the same features like pointed chin and cheeks.

People in this group should select the round frames.


The lenses are round and spherical in shape and the frame is a combination of both thick and small metals. This style was adopted and prominent by John Lennon.

The famous brands of sunglasses are. Ray-Ban, Annette, Ralph, and the Emporia Armani.


  • Select a good quality of sunglasses.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun.

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