Are you uses many method to remove pubic hair some are extremely time taking and painful. We guide you how to remove pubic hair without pain 2023/ 2024. Quick & Easy.

How to Remove Pubic Hair without Pain 2023/ 2024


Silky soft skin – it is the dream of every girl to have silky soft skin without any unwanted hair on the body which makes the body look ugly.


Women uses many method to remove these pubic hair some are extremely time taking and painful. But what if you are in hurry and you want no time and no pain public hair removal method?

Well here you can find some of the painless methods.

Shaving (lasts 2-4 days)

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Shaving has been famous from many decades to remove unwanted pubic hair. It is also very favorite method to remove hair because it is painless and very easy plus no so much time taking method.

There are so many practical battery-operated devices are available in the market that can even be use in the shower that vibrates slightly and the skin of dead cells liberate.

In any case, before a nourishing gel or foam, apply, with the blade glides smoothly over the skin and does not cause irritation remove the hair.

New products are combination of showering and shaving, the lather, clean and maintain simultaneously creamy. Good on the go are razor in which the blade is already in a kind of solid shaving soap from cocoa butter, aloe vera and vitamin E is embedded – and without additional foam manages.

Depilatory (lasts 3 to 7 days)

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No tangles and no cutting. Within minutes, your hair loose and can be removed with the enclosed sponge or plastic scraper. It can be so simply remove hair.


But: The decomposing necessary hieroglyphic (comes in lower concentration even in continuous waves are used), has a high pH and can irritate sensitive skin.

Therefore for a compatibility test use it on a small area, then always wash the skin thoroughly – and never use the product generally in inflammation, irritation or sunburn skin.

Wax (holds 2 to 4 weeks)

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May cost some effort, but this way of removing hair goes for weeks. And the brief pain while (at least 0.5 cm long) hair is pulled with a powerful jolt from the root, each time is less. With warm wax, the result is particularly thorough, but the application also requires some practice:

Only the crucible in a water bath, then the wax Apply in direction of hair growth, over it put the enclosed cloth or plastic strips and press.

Wait briefly then a fast train to the growth direction, as flat as possible along the skin surface, peel – thereby tighten the skin with the other hand.

Cold wax however, there is usually already on sale on the finished strip: For sensitive skin hair removal products with rich almond oil care are good.

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Those who not only dares, can also go to the Professional: In addition to leg and underarm hair removal offer by some beauty salons also different variations for the bikini line.

The beautician carries warm wax (also popular and practically the same in the application is warm sugar paste) with a spatula on the skin. Due to the heat, the pores are opened and the hair soft, can be completely sealed. Once the wax or sugar paste is cooled somewhat, the expert draws the wax strips with a quick jerk off.

Benefits: The shoulders are dilapidated perfect for about three to four weeks Disadvantages: For Waxing hair need about three millimeters long.

This means that you run a while ago with visible fluff through the area. The method is therefore not for the scantily clad summer days.

Epilation (holds 2 to 4 weeks)

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Again, the hairs are removed by the root directly, but by means of rotating mini tweezers, sliding in adjustable speed through the skin.

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Thus, the tweezers can grab the hair; it should be about 0.5 millimeters long.




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