Best and Simple Way Revamp your Old Shirts


Every woman wakes up in the morning goes to the closet and says the exact same words. I have nothing to wear. She was standing in front of the closet full of clothes and thought that nothing is interesting there, Restyling old clothes can help take an old piece and turn it into a brand new item in your wardrobe.


You’ll have a much easier time keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and style if you keep a few basic things firmly in mind. Get fashion information and learn about styles and tips to help from a fashion and style professional.

First shirt.

Simple printed blazer, if you have an old blaze or not fit anymore. Let’s revamp it!



Take the blaze off keeping your head at the opening at the top and take your arms out of the sleeves and drape the top around the front of the neck like a scarf.

Pair it with a jeans and neutral color top. So, cute with a blazer and looks perfect for business meetings.

Second shirt
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Most of the people have a black sweater in their closet. Let’s revamp it!

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Take a top off, turn it around and wear it backwards for many details on the backside of your T-shirt. It is a great look, add a red thin belt to pop up with bright color. It is a cool way to achieve a new an amazing style.

Now! You can see that how easy it is to revamp your old clothes and make a new look.


  • Remember to cut out the tags, so that no one knows that you’re wearing a shirt backwards.

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