Looking for best tips and guide how to make your nails more beautiful and healthy ? Find the best healthy nails tips 2023/ 2024 and apply on your hand and foot nails.

Best Natural Tips for Healthy Nails 2023/ 2024 – Try Now at home


Our fingernails and toenails are more complex than they seem at first sight. This is also because they have important tasks to fulfill: They are a protective shield of our fingers and toes.


Brittle nails are therefore not only an aesthetic problem.

They are also more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. Tips on how to keep your toes and fingernails healthy with the right care!

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1# Eat Healthy!

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The nourishment for beautiful and powerful nails is a balanced diet. Not to be missed: dairy products, nuts, fish, mushrooms and fruits as well as vegetables.

2# Remove nail polish correctly

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Always remove nail polish gently. For this, water a cotton pad with nail polish remover and press on the nail for 8 seconds. Then wipe off the nail to the nail tip. It is very important to remove the nail polish correctly from your nails to make it breathe and look fresh and healthy.

3# Garlic


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Using garlic on nails is one of the oldest and most effective treatments that our ancestors are practicing. The best thing about this nail car remedy is that it makes you nail strong and shinny and also very cheap; really you do not need anything except garlic. So what you have to do is chopped a piece of garlic and rub it against your nails leave it overnight and wash it with a hand wash or soap. Do it daily and you will see a huge difference within a week.

Never cut the cuticle

Beautiful nails start with healthy nail skin. This should never be cut but gently pushed back. For this, immerse the nails in lukewarm water for 5 minutes and then gently push the nail skin back. This will help your nail keep stronger and healthier.

Do not cut, but file!

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This is the biggest misconception that we all have that every one of us cut our nail; however we should just file our nails in a good shape. Never cut the fingernails in the dry state, as this will damage the nail and deform. Therefore always file! If you have very strong nails and prefer to cut them, I recommend that you cut the nails after showering, and then they are soft and pliable.

The right feeding technology makes it!

Never nail the nails from left to right, leaving the nail edges frayed and brittle. File nails from the corners to the middle file and always in one direction.

If you have soft and brittle fingernails, you need a nail file with very fine grain. This brings the nails into shape without damaging them. The nail can then be placed on a high gloss with a polishing file.

Protect nails in everyday life

I always wear rubber gloves when working in the household, such as cleaning and rinsing, to protect the nails. This prevents detergents from attacking the nails and causing them to swell.


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After the manicure, hands are necessary to apply cream. But also in everyday life you should cream your hands daily, best always pack a hand cream in the bag. Also the nails get an extra portion care, for this I use a nail oil of p2 (Likewise you can also use olive oil).

Top Coat for extra shine

Shining nails look well-groomed. This is why I always use a top coat – with or without nail polish. The nail looks shiny, is also protected and nail polish just keeps much longer.


Nibbling on the nails, plucking on the nail skin or drumming on the table with your fingers – we put on a lot of nails every day, which is not good for them! Just watch yourself: What do you do with your nails? And how good is it




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