8 Best & Tips for Long Hair - Grow Faster & Naturally 2023/ 2024. Growing your hair fast is not an easy task nor it can long overnight. You have to work on your hair with them extra care, nourish them and clean them with the right shampoo.

8 Best & Tips for Long Hair – Grow Faster & Naturally 2023/ 2024


Hair grows every month by about one to one and a half inches. Anyone who now begins to reckon, and believes that she could thus lose in the year 12 to 18 centimeters in length, err.


However, growing your hair fast is not an easy task nor it can be long overnight. You have to work on your hair with them extra care, nourish them, and clean them with the right shampoo.

There are some tricks to help if you want your hair to be long and magnificent again. We have collected the best 8 tips to grow your hair faster and longer just in a few weeks. So read this article till the end.

1. Let the hair cut regularly

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This sounds absurd at first, but if you want to have long hair, you have to make sure that they are healthy. If you regularly cut the tips, Splits simply cut off and ensure that the hair looks fuller and healthier. In addition, one avoids the uncontrolled breaking of the hair.

2. Avoid unnecessary heat

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If your hair regularly exposes to high temperatures, it strains enormously, provokes splits and attacks the sensitive surface of the hair. Against the sun one can make little apart from a hat, but who washes the hair in the evening, they can dry in the air and so at least avoid the hair dryer.

3. Do not wash your hair daily

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The more often you wash your hair, the more they lose its natural protective layer. Yes do not shampoo your hair daily, it quickly gives a disaster of split ends and a dull look. Your hair will thank you.

4. Right Oil Massage

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Take coconut hair oil add herbs that are beneficial for hair such as Phyllanthus emblica, also known as emblic, Soapnut and Acacia concinna are some of the best herbs for hair and hugely used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for hair grow and healthier.

Mix these entire ingredients in boiling coconut oil. Cook the mixture for 10 minutes leave it for cool and then sieve it. Use the Sieve oil for massage in your hair for 10 minutes three times a week at least.

5. Massage your scalp

Through massage, you stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles, from which the hair grows. Massage your head in the ideal case daily for around five to ten minutes.

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6. Take plenty of vitamin B

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Vitamin B makes the hair healthy and resistant. Vitamin B is ample, for example in bananas, spinach and seafood. Seafood is the best source of Vitamin B and gives you great shiny long hair.

7. Reduces stress

It is very natural that if you are stressed out you are more likely to lose your hair and it will stop growing. Similar to the skin, the hair is also seen to loosen when the person is exposed to psychological stress: the hair is dull and shapeless. Of course, stress cannot always be avoided. What should always be possible, however, is to create sufficient compensation.

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8. Keep the hair open more frequently

Taut, back-brushed hair fixed with a tight band, suffer and grow worse than that hair that enjoys more freedom. Keep your hair open as often as possible.

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These are the top 8 tips for how to grow your hair longer. The best thing you can do is to eat healthy and full of nourishing food it will not only help grow your hair faster but also makes you look beautiful and young.

Try these tips and make sure you use these tips regularly to get faster and better results. All of these are easy and homemade remedies with ingredients that can be found in every home. So what are you waiting for go get started!




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