Top 3 Skin Care Ingredients That You Need to Look Young


Make your skin moisturise and healthy in the future. Learn some quick and simple activities to make your skin fair, soft, hydrated and protected.


A different variety of beauty and skin products are available in the market. But they are petty much expensive.  I am sharing with you a quick and easy home skincare tips especially, for summers.

Any skin care routine should have 3 main ingredients.

Sun Block:

Top 3 Skin Care Ingredients
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Sun block is very important for any skin type and protects your skin from sun rays, but it’s also preventing an aging. Find a sunblock that works the best for you.

Hat and Sunglasses: 

Top 3 Skin Care Ingredients
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You have to wear a hat and sunglasses, sunglasses help to protect your eyes too. Around with thick shelter, hat protects your skin and neck from the sun.


Lip Balm:

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Apply at least two coats of lip balm. Make your lips surface flat and start outlying your lip balm.

Don’t apply a thick layer of balm in the lips.


Take care and moisturise your body every night and in the morning apply a layer of sun block in your face. There are certain environmental factor that makes your skin dry in summer, moisturise your skin with any moisturiser that works best for you and switch the use of serum.


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Especially, in summer you are sweating and feeling hot. Drinking more water helps hydrate your skin and reduce dryness.  Drink at least 10-12 glass of water daily.


  •  Skincare is a universal concern and wrong beauty product may cause a problem to your skin.
  •  Try to moisture your skin daily.

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