3 Best and Top Wedding Dress Trends 2016


Being a bride is anything but boring, especially when it comes to the gown. Here are the three top of the wedding gown trends of the season, so, if you are looking for a gorgeous, stylish and youthful wedding dress, this is the correct way, we are discussing some strapless gowns, lace sleeve gown, and colorful gowns too.


Dress# 1


The key trend of the season is the color like blue, yellow and red. This gown is elegant and a combination of both blue and yellow colors.

It is made up of the fabric called organza and the color is not so prominent. It is a simple strapless dress with a really tremendous waist line and pockets. Which makes this dress modern, stylish, youthful and fresh.

Add a very traditional veil with a blusher, now blusher is back being styled in a very big way and make a super bridal.

If you like to play with colors and daring. It’s very helpful for them.



If the bride is recently engaged and want to wear the plung dress every night.

This sensational grown is very sexy, the first thing is the beautiful plunging neckline and the incredible lace sleeves that are embroided. Lace sleeves create a very graceful and gorgeous look.

And the back side there is a beautiful huge bottom, that extant and creates curves.

Dress# 3

This beautiful classic gown is very special. There are so many details in it and create an accentuate oversized lacy look.

This dress is a classic fit and perfects with a mermaid bottom and all the seams create an incredible line on the body.

On the back of the dress, there is a beautiful expose and simple strapless dress with a cool mermaid bottom.

This dress is very soft, romantic and feminine.

I hope you like, all the dresses.


  • For the strapless sleeves, you can also stitch the long lace sleeves.
  • Select the accessories, according to the bridal dress.
  • These styles can complement with very light or simple jewelry. Always wear your footwear according to the length of your dress.

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